The juice from Portuguese apples ferments and ages for 2 months to produce a cider with a smooth and pleasant texture. Its light and refreshing fruity flavour is the perfect balance between the apple’s sweetness and its acidity. The acidity of green apples comes through in the elegant aroma; its appearance is between gold and a deep translucent golden tone. It is best served well chilled and/or over ice.
Pairs well with: fried foods, tempuras and breaded dishes; spicy foods, such as Asian and Oriental dishes; meats cooked with fruit; gratins, and others.
It also goes well with soft white cheeses.


Alcoholic content: 4% vol.


Ingredients: Water, apple juice from concentrate, sugar, preservative: potassium sorbate, antioxidant – ascorbic acid.

Shelf life

Validity period: 6 months