• Fermentation Tanks

    In this equipment the mash is transformed into beer and CO2 in the presence of a microorganism (yeast) and oxygen. This process is called fermentation. We have an installed capacity of approximately 1 400 000 litres. The whole fermentation process is controlled daily by our quality control. On average beer ferments over 8 to 9 days and maturing for the remaining days.

  • Silk Block

    This is where we process the storage of malt and corn. Installed capacity for 260 Tonnes of malt and 120 Tonnes of corn. These raw materials are transported from their origins in suitable containers and unloaded automatically.

  • Control Room

    Location where the centralized control for the Silo Block; brew room and fermentation tank monitoring takes place as well as all the hygienization system control.

  • Brew Room

    Mashing is the first stage in the beer production process; this process comprises of converting and dissolving the sugar product from the malt and corn into a solution called the beer wort. At this stage another raw ingredient is added hops which are responsible for the flavour and bitterness in beer. The brew room has a production capacity of 11 brews/day each of 15 000 litres. Depending on the selected beer recipe we can produce Coral Branca (Larger) Tónica (Stout) Sem Álcool (Alcohol-Free) and Zarco (Larger). Following this stage the wort is cooled and aerated at which point the yeast is inoculated (pitched) so as to proceed to the brewing.

  • Beer Filtering

    After fermentation the beer is filtered to take on a clear and translucent appearance. Before filtering the beer has a cloudy appearance due to particles in suspension; mostly yeast and complex proteins.

  • Bottling Line

    ECM currently has 5 bottling lines two of which are for glass bottling - one returnable the other non-returnable - 1 pet line (plastic packaging) and two others for beer barrels and soft drinks. On average in the summer we fill up to a total of 250 000 litres of beer; soft drinks and bottled water per day.